Saturday, December 26, 2009


It's time to report on the results of the BIG VIDEO RECORDING DAY at the Williamstown Little Theatre.
It was ALL GOOD! Everything worked like a dream: the set for the WLT's next show was absolutely perfect for shooting our songs and the cast, pianist and crew all performed quite brilliantly!
And now we have three of the songs up on YouTube ready for the public to have a look at. So far we have: "Fight for your rights, don't let the bastards win", "I'm tired of being old" and "The Computer Song".
My hard-working and over-extended son, Marcus, has promised to use some of his precious Christmas holiday time to do some more editing and should get a few more up 'soon'. (Doesn't editing always take three times as long as one expects?) Until then, go to YouTube and simply search for Silly Old Buggers and the three songs will appear for you.
And if you happen to know any more producers who might be interested, send them along to have a look too.
Happy viewing!

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