Monday, June 8, 2009


It's been a long time between blogs on this site and I have only apologies to make - no real excuses EXCEPT I've been VERY BUSY!!!
Reading the update blog on will fill you in on what I've been doing and now, at last, I'm attempting to get some other writing done.
I'm working on a play that's been around in one form or another for some years. I keep going back to it and re-reading it, rewriting, editing, and then putting it away again. This time I'm determined to do some serious research, put it together properly and send it off to Varuna in the hope that it will be selected for a development process with a dramaturg. The completed scripts has to be ready by the end of June so I'm deep into it right now.
To save a visit to another site, what follows is exactly the same as the update on the silly old buggers blog, with apologies for lack of originality!

We're very happy to report that Chapel off Chapel - a very nice venue in the Melbourne inner suburb of Prahran - has bought three performances of Absolutely Silly Old Buggers! A VERY short season , I know, but it's good to know that while we're waiting for that elusive Production Company to take us on, the show will still be out there in the public eye keeping audiences entertained.
So - if you missed out on the earlier season, or if you want to see it again (and some people have already said they do!), put these dates in your diaries:

Sunday, 4th October - 2.30 pm
Monday, 5th October - 10 am and 2.30 pm.

These are the opening dates of Seniors' Week and I'll post the booking dates and ticket details as soon as I know what they are.
Cast, Director, Musical Director and Production Team are meeting soon to discuss the possibility of doing a slightly extended version. Remember, we had to cut the show to the bone for the 60-minute spot in the Comedy Festival and now there's the possibility of re-inserting a couple of songs and/or some of the dialogue.
It's a great excuse for a reunion and a catch-up of news and gossip, anyway. There was such an enormous amount of energy and fun generated while the show was running, we're all suffering withdrawal symptoms and need to get back together again.
Still getting regular hits on the ASOB website so we know we're not yet forgotten. Those Silly Old Buggers will keep on rockin' for a long time yet!

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