Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I don't expect that I've been missed over the past 18 months - and, yes, that's how long it's been since the last entry here.

The Website: was originally set up as a reference for people wanting to find out what I do in the writing world; a place to read about my books or my ventures in the world of theatre - a sort of CV with pictures. Well - there hasn't been much to talk about for some time, which is why I haven't been doing any blogging.

I became totally ocupied (obsessed?) with the work of producing and promoting my musical, "Silly Old Buggers" for most of 2009 and 2010 - which resulted in total frustration and exhaustion with very little gain. Have a look at to find out what I'm talking about. It shone brilliantly for a short while at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and cast and crew - as well as audience - all had a ball. We believed it was destined for a great future.

During 2010 there was great interest in it commercially - but no concrete proposals; and for the first half of 2011 there was still some hope that one of the three 'interested' Production Companies just might take up my offer of a wonderful - and very topical - new musical which would make them (and me) lots of money! However, it was not to be and I now have to accept the fact that the wider world might forever miss out on this fabulous opportunity! Ah, well ... that's theatre.

My writing endeavours have recently been directed towards the local historical society where I'm now editing their newsletter and finding the experience very enjoyable. I've also been keeping a monthly gardening blog - more as a record for myself than anything else - and that seems to be enough to keep me well occupied.

You can check out the gardening blog at:  - it's linked to a Picasa album showing monthly developments in the garden. All of which reminds me that it's now 1st March and time for my new entry!

I still receive the occasional request through the gmwadds website for books or information and will probably add to this blog every now and then.Will I ever decide I want (need?) to write again for publishing or for the theatre? Who knows? Meanwhile, the family, the garden, the local community and the time to sit around and read books is making for a very relaxed and comfortable life, so "I no complain".

I've enjoyed every moment of the journey over the last many years and look forward to whatever fate sends for the next lot. It's always interesting to find out what's around the next corner. So  .....  watch this space!