Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've just posted an update on the Silly Old Buggers website ( so now it's time to update this one.
Now that the short season at Chapel Off Chapel has finished - and very successful it was, too - I'm trying to get the show all ready to go on its way commercially. We had a few representatives from Production Companies at the Chapel performances who have expressed interest in its future, so it was decided to get a DVD ready for promotional purposes.
I was a very reluctant 'cameraman' at a number of our public performances - with my long-suffering husband's assistance - and was, by this time, totally convinced that it was NOT my field of expertise! I had also been trying - and failing - to edit two cameras together to produce a DVD which did the show justice but was totally frustrated by incompatible technology. I think the technology was not only incompatible with my computer but also drastically incompatible with ME!!!
So, when one of the cast suggested we have a session dedicated to performing for the camera so we could stop-start shots and get the performances just right, I was VERY reluctant to go through it all again. However, all the other members of the cast seemed to think it was a brilliant idea, so it seemed foolish to let the opportunity go. So - the organisation began: to find a date that suited everyone - four cast members, pianist, director and me - a venue where the recording could take place, two good cameras that WERE COMPATIBLE, and someone who knew what they were doing to operate cameras.
As always, a suitable date for seven people is a nightmare but we eventually decided on a week that was fairly clear for all.
And then we found the PERFECT VENUE!! My dear and valued old, old, friends at the Williamstown Little Theatre ( were kind enough to make the theatre available for us during the day of Friday 6th November. WITH stage lighting, WITH sound equipment, WITH electronic keyboard and with wonderful co-operation in opening the theatre for us and providing everything to make us feel at home - including tea and bickies. This was extremely generous of them under the circumstances because at that date they were only two weeks away from opening a new show there - with all the accompanying work of set-finishing, theatre cleaning, etc. etc.
So I'm putting on record here and now that this co-operation and assistance has been a godsend to us and if ever the Silly Old Buggers makes lots of money, the WLT will be properly rewarded. Until then, I hope they'll appreciate my heartfelt thanks and that of all the crew.
Talk about having good luck!!! Having got most of it all organised, the fates suddenly dropped the perfect cameraman (and technician) into my lap! With three sons, one who is my Web Designer and another who is my Production Manager, my youngest son, Marcus, had always said: "If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know." Now was his chance!
He has been associated with bands ever since leaving school - either as drummer, singer, song-writer, manager - you name it - and has access to all the sound equipment one could possibly need. And now, recently, he's been videoing and editing with his day-job! In fact, he was telling me about the wonderful, new, editing program he'd been using! Hmm! And he just happened to be on leave on Friday 6th November. Need I say more? Microphones, mixing desk, leads, fold-back speaker, camera - you name it, we had it. And now it's all with him for editing the two cameras together.
I can hardly wait to see the final result!

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