Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whoo-hoo!!! GOOD NEWS !

Another month gone by and well overdue for another blog entry. But I've been busy.
And it's all good news about
Silly Old Buggers.
Current state of play:
We now have a complete creative team:
Co-Producer (with me as the other half), a Director/Choreographer,a Musical Director, AND AN INVESTOR!!!
And planning is in hand for a distinctive logo and poster/brochure.
No details for publication just yet until we have our first production meeting and decide where we go from here. There are quite a few options and once some decisions have been made, we'll be out there with some publicity.

I'm absolutely delighted with the calibre and experience of all these people and can hardly wait to reveal their names. What is so encouraging is that they are all very enthusiastic about the show and keen to get it up and running.

The first meeting of the team is next Wednesday and I can hardly wait to get there.

So - again - watch this space for more developments.

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