Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been a very hectic two months - or is it more than that? Probably.
From the time we decided to enter Silly Old Buggers in the MICF in early October, it's been go, go, go supplying all the necessary information, entries and applications required. It's been a very steep learning curve and I'm amazed at how much had to be done. If I'd known how much was in it I'm not sure I'd have thought it possible. Definitely a case of "fools rushing in ..." or should the cliche be "ignorance is bliss".
Applying for a venue was something I didn't realise was going to be one of the tricky ones. Each venue needed a heap of information and background about the show and each one seemed to need it presented differently with a different emphasis on different parts.
The cast and director, Hugh Halliday, were incredibly supportive and we all got together for a first read-through of the new script with a new cast member. Our musical director wasn't available for that night so we had a fill-in pianist, Matt Toogood, who did a fantastic job of sight-reading all the music and helping the cast cope with arrangements they'd never heard before.
The whole evening was videoed and audio recorded for future use on the yet-to-be-developed ASOB website.
Then, a small hiccup occurred -our musical director rang and apologised that he was no longer available. During the hiatus before taking on the MICF, he had taken other work for April, 2009.
We hardly had time to panic before Matt Toogood agreeed to step into the breach. He'd got to hear the show at the read-through and was more than happy to be associated with it. There's encouragement for you!
At last the day drew near when an 'offer of a venue' was to be made. In they came : "Sorry, no offer". One, then two, and panic was beginning to set in.
What if we received no offer at all? What was I going to tell the cast? I rang and spoke to the MICF manager. We discussed the problem and apparently the show was still a bit long for most MICF venues. I rashly said it could easily be cut to 60 minutes if necessary.
Then we waited some more.
At last - a venue offer came and it was just about perfect! Swiss House, which is a Festival Managed Site and which means a great deal of the organisation, ticketing, management, etc. is taken off my hands. What a relief!
Of course, the 60-minute show then had to be developed. Cutting of some songs, reducing from two acts to one (i.e. no interval) and at last, a slightly new name.
Absolutely Silly Old Buggers now becomes the 'showcase' version of Silly Old Buggers. The new name is good for a couple of reasons: it differentiates from the two-act full-length show (which is still an option) and it also places the name well up the front of the MICF booklet rather than down the back with the S's.
A terrific logo has been designed by an old (and very generous) friend, Rob Mancini.

The website, constructed by very clever son Conrad, is now there for all the world to see: You can now read all about the cast, the crew and the whole MICF details: venue, dates, times, prices, etc.
Publicity and sponsorships are the next things to be dealt with and are 'on the way'. However, with Christmas almost upon us, it's time to take a small break and enjoy a little family time.
With a bit of luck, the next blog won't be two months away from now and hopefully will have some valuable updates.
And maybe I'll get my own website updated soon!
My best Xmas and New Year greetings go out on the ether to anyone and everyone who reads this blog. Health, happiness and good fortune - in whatever order you like.
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It seems to me that it's become necessary to make these blog entries cover two different facets of my activities. I know family members both in Australia and overseas are always interested in seeing the latest family developments - particularly as we have now achieved four new grandchildren in the past five years - and I'm equally sure those who are interested in the theatre and writing developments have no desire or need to see baby pictures and proud grandmotherly updates.
So I've decided to have two strands - one labelled 'Family Stuff' and another labelled 'Writing and Theatre'.
So now that I've found time to do a bit of updating in the blogging department , I'll get both of them on the way.