Thursday, November 6, 2008

Silly Old Buggers just won't lie down and die!

Here I was, just enjoying NOT being a producer, doing the garden, planning some more writing, and generally enjoying life when suddenly I find I'm in the thick of it again.
The reason is: Melbourne International Comedy Festival - otherwise known as MICF.
The cast and the production team have all agreeed that Silly Old Buggers should be given a showcase as part of MICF so that prospective producers and/or theatre companies can see how good it is, how much audiences enjoy it and how successful it will be!
Well! There's faith for you - and how can I resist putting all my efforts into making this proposal as successful as possible?
Of course, I can't, so now it's full steam ahead again with a quick re-write to make the show 75 minutes without interval and then on with the application for inclusion in the festival, applications for venues, organisation of scripts and scores to be sent out, a logo to be designed, a website to be created, etc. etc. The list seems to go on and on and currently, I'm right in the middle of it.
Everything HAS to be in by 1st December so at least I know once it's all done I can draw breath again. So - until then - this blog update will have to do until after the deadline.
THEN I'll do my very best to keep the news updated.

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