Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Family update - A new grandson!

What a slack blogger I am! My last blog was on January 16th and now, here it is - February 27th.

First - and most important - event since then has been the birth of Lucas Yee Yen Khor Senior. Geoff's son Simon and lovely wife, Christine Khor, became the proud parents of a second son (brother to Jack Yee Tai) on Monday, February 4th. He was supposed to arrive on Friday 8th but, typically, refused to stick to stupid things like timetables (a bit like Connex). His next most important date is the traditional Moon (First Month) Ceremony - a celebration from the Chinese side of his ancestry - on 8th March, when we will all gather together and welcome him into the families.

(We think he looks very like
his Paternal Grandfather - don't you?)

There'll be a new post soon about "Silly Old Buggers" and it just might be good news! Watch this space!
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