Sunday, December 16, 2007

Google Book Search

It's been a year of not much writing and lots of business stuff: getting Chemical Leak! reprinted, talking to people about a production of Silly Old Buggers for 2008, launching Sea Secrets, as well as fitting in a bit of actual living! But at last, the end of the whole publishing and printing process of the new edition has arrived. The book is published, it's been delivered to the school booksellers and to the Wilderness Society's bookshops and I now have copies available for sale on line.
It's also been uploaded onto Google Book Search - another big learning experience - but should be well worth it.
My Williamstown is also now on Google Book Search, which means it's available for anyone doing historical research to browse a few pages, check that it is of interest to them and then link to my website to buy a copy.
So now, finally, I have time to think about doing some more writing. Not that much will get done before the whole Xmas and New Year thing takes over but at least I'll be free to start with a clean slate in 2008.
STOP PRESS: I 've just checked Google Book Search and the books are still being processed. They should be fully available in the next couple of days.
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