Monday, June 30, 2008


It's great to be back!! Being out of email communication with the rest of the world was NO FUN!
I felt as though I was walking around in the dark - out of touch with all the important things in my life!! But now - all is well again!

The people at TCA have risen to the challenge and, with the willing assistance of many local people, the new shop has been operating since last Monday - a remarkable feat! Sadly, the old premises have had to be demolished and the whole town is very sad. It was a lovely, heritage building which had, over the years, been allowed to deteriorate and, about six years ago, was beautifully restored by the owners of TCA. The verandah has been salvaged for possible future use on a rebuilt shop. Geoff and I drove past it on Sunday and took a photo just before the facade went down.
No further news on the writing front. Another period of waiting... waiting... seems to be the current state of things.

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