Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Emergency Blog !! Thursday, 19th June, 2008. (Sent from a neighbour's computer)
For anyone who has been trying to contact me or my husband, Geoff Senior, over the past few days - many apologies.
Our local Internet Service Provider had a very bad fire early on Monday morning - 16th June - which destroyed much of his equipment. This meant that his customers all lost internet connection - and of course, emails - from that time.
I understand that emails to me or to Geoff are bouncing back to the senders - which can be a bit of a worry for us all.
The latest news is that WITH LUCK we should be back on line by Friday afternoon - 20th June. However, if we get too much rain, we may be delayed a bit longer. (That'd be right, wouldn't it? Just when we start rejoicing when it rains - now we don't want it for a while!)
I will report on this blog again when we're back on line.
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