Thursday, January 17, 2008

Silly Old Buggers - update

I promised a post about WRITING - so here it is:
Arrangements for the 18 musical numbers in SOBs are well on the way and most interesting and exciting they are, too.
Arranged by David Kram for keyboard and two saxophonists, they are fun, quirky and have added lots of interest to the songs. The sheet music keeps arriving in my email and, even though I don’t read music properly, I know enough to understand what he’s doing with them. The use of different saxophones – from soprano to baritone – give lots of variation and colour to the different styles of music. I can’t wait to actually hear them.
As soon as they are all hand – only three to go at this stage – we will be looking to appoint a Musical Director. We’ll then have a full production team, which means we can legitimately look for proper funding and investment, and also approach possible performers.
Wish us luck!!

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