Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's a Family Affair

More and more of our family are becoming involved in
Treechange Productions.

Geoff Senior - my very clever husband - is illustrator of the new edition of Chemical Leak! He is also an 'ideas man' and solves many problems along the way.
Eldest son Conrad works in IT and is Webdesigner/Webmaster and general adviser on all things webbish and bloggish.
Second son Philip works in theatre and events managment - currently Production Manager for 'Strange Fruit' among other things. He is (unpaid) Production Manger for the development of "Silly Old Buggers" and advises on many things to do with budgets, funding, presentation, etc.
Third son Marcus has been a member of many bands since he was sixteen and has provided music for a previous production of mine ("Who Cares?" at Williamstown and Waverley). Currently he is very busy with a new job and caring for wife Suzanne and 2 year old Marley. They are expecting a new edition (sorry, I get confused with books and printing) addition, due in April next year. So he only has time to be a very supportive fan of our latest endeavours.
Next in line is Simon who also works in IT and provides IT advice on occasions. He is also a busy man with wife, Chris and 3 year old Jack. Another new edition (addition) in this family is due in February next year.
Then there's Monique (Mon) who has been the model for Miss Kouros and is studying Writing and Editing. She sometimes comes to our place for a 'writing retreat' and it's great to have someone to share writing talk with.
There are also two big grandsons, Stefan and Alex. Stefan is working in IT and Alex is just about to start Year 12. They both have been consultants for me during the writing of both Chemcial Leak! and Sea Secrets and their feed-back has been very valuable - and particularly necessary for a grandmother writing for young people!
I haven't mentioned the in-laws and various grand-dogs that exist in the family. I'll save them for a later post.

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